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Once established, these maple trees are drought tolerant. Autumn Blaze® Maple (Acer x freemanii 'Jeffersred') is the tree that everyone asks about. Where to Water. An improved hybrid with brilliant, long lasting orange-red fall color, a uniform branching habit and rapid growth rate. Hi, We are new to the tree planting world and are looking to replace a silver maple we took down a couple of years ago. It has a moderate life span in urban settings, but will live longer in wet environments. Core Characteristics Wisconsin Native: No – … In fact, the Autumn Blaze Maple outgrows any other tree in the maple … Will be delivered in a 1-gallon pot at a height of 1 - 3' The Autumn Blaze Maple Grows in zones 3 - 8. I have an Autumn Blaze Maple planted about 2 years ago in McKinney, TX (North Dallas). HEIGHT: 13.0m WIDTH: 10.0m *height & width at maturity. Autumn Blaze® Maple Acer x freemanii ‘Jeffersred’ PP4,864 Description & Overview A rapid grower with an upright oval habit, the Autumn Blaze Maple has rich dark green foliage which turns a brilliant orange-red in fall. Or, plant two and hang a hammock for yourself! Branching habit is well balanced with an oval to rounded crown and a strong central leader. Autumn Blaze Maple is a hybrid cross between a red maple and silver maple. If you want a large, fast-growing tree with spectacular fall color, Autumn Blaze® maple is an excellent choice. Autumn Blaze maple trees boast both beautiful fall foliage and a shapely form. And whether your soil is acidic, basic or anything in between, your Autumn Blaze Maples will adapt and thrive. Plant Type Deciduous tree. … Autumn Flame Maple trees are a patented variety of tree with the scientific name Acer rubrum. Highly popular, award-winning Acer x freemanii 'Autumn Blaze' (Freeman Maple) is a fast-growing, large deciduous tree noted for its ascending branch habit and glorious fall color. Autumn Blaze® Maple Acer x freemanii 'Jeffsred' Sku #0128. Certified Master Gardener. We looked into red oak, tulip poplar and maples. Autumn Blaze maple trees have stunning fall foliage with branches that are rounded or oval. The well-spaced branching habit and rich green, deeply lobed leaves form a dense oval canopy making it a superb shade tree. Autumn Blaze Maple. Next, water frequently during the first growing season. And thanks to its fast growth, with gains of 3 to 5 feet per year or more, that dazzling fall show is just a click away. Thrives in warm climates extending well into the deep south and west; will tolerate wet soils with good drainage. This dependable selection of Acer x freemanii ('Jeffsred', P.P. About the Autumn Flame Maple. This large shade tree can p ut on three feet of growth each year—you’ll be hanging the kids’ swing from its sturdy branches in no time. It’s a fast-growing, hardy tree ideally suited to Colorado’s climate extremes. One of three varieties of Lipstick Maple. Carol Shirk. Autumn Blaze maple tree care is not difficult. The tree is virtually seedless, so you won’t have to clean up debris. It is drought and moisture tolerant. As it matures the growth rate will slow down only a little and most trees reach a final height of around 50 feet in 30 years. These trees are a hybrid species of red maple and silver maple and boast beautiful reddish-orange color that looks spectacular in any landscape. My husband has his preferences narrowed down to October Glory or Autumn Blaze. Acer x freemanii – Autumn Blaze / Jeffersred. In the fall Autumn Blaze consistently develops brilliant, long-lasting orange-red color. The Autumn Blaze Maple turns orange to crimson red in the fall which looks great as a specimen tree or planting in clusters. An established tree such as a 10-foot tall "Autumn Blaze" maple has a root zone that's typically about 2 or 3 feet deep, although this cultivar also has a good system of surface roots. A fast-growing tree, the autumn blaze maple is also drought-tolerant once established. Autumn Blaze Maples are a hybrid cross between the Silver Maple and Red Maple. Autumn Blaze maple is a large tree, but red maple is larger. Grows to a height of 50 to 60 feet at maturity. Acer rubrum, the red maple, also known as swamp, water or soft maple, is one of the most common and widespread deciduous trees of eastern and central North America.The U.S. Forest service recognizes it as the most abundant native tree in eastern North America. Leaves open with a reddish tint in spring. Your Tree’s Personality. Its’ uniform shape requires little or no pruning. Also, it colors best in acidic soils. Therefore, their best qualities are combined to create a tough, fast growing maple that’s full of benefits. Cultivated, red maple may grow to 70 feet tall, although it can achieve 120 feet in the wild. Autumn Blaze Maple is not as large, 50' X 50', but you would be growing it outside it's recommended plant hardiness zone which is 7 or 8, depending on where you look. It is one of the most common trees in the United States.. × freemani at the U. S. National Arboretum in 1933. I originally wanted a Sun Valley maple because it is supposed to be the smallest. A popular larger Maple tree with an attractive oval-head, Acer freemanii 'Autumn Blaze' is fairly vigorous and will reach 7 x 4 metres in 20 years. Acer saccharinum, commonly known as silver maple, creek maple, silverleaf maple, soft maple, large maple, water maple, swamp maple, or white maple, is a species of maple native to the eastern and central United States and southeastern Canada. We've been looking for a medium-sized tree for our frontyard. Autumn Blaze Maple | Acer x Freemanii ‘Autumn Blaze' | Texas Nursery and Landscape Association | 7730 South IH-35, Austin, TX, 78745 | An improved hybrid with brilliant, long lasting, orange-red fall color, an upright, uniform branching habit and a rapid growth rate. Genus name is the Latin name for a maple tree. Height: 50-60' Spread: 25-35' Shape: Oval Crown Foliage: Summer foliage is medium green. Grows 40-60’T x 30-50’W. When young, your Autumn Blaze Maple will grow very rapidly, up to three feet per year, so it will quickly make a 20 foot specimen in your garden. The sugar maple thrives in U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zones 3 through 8, while the Japanese maple is hardy only to zones 5 through 8. Branches are ascending at a 45 degree angle. This exciting hybrid cross between Red and Silver maple exhibits the drought tolerance and rapid growth of the Silver maple and the brilliant orange-red fall color of the Red maple. Brilliant yellow, orange & red fall foliage. The tree is … ACER freemanii pp#4864 Jeffsred. If you want to stick with what works, select this improved variety. The Autumn blaze maple is a fast growing tree that can reach a height of 50 feet and a width of 40 feet. Once you plant your maple, flood it with water to settle the roots. Fast-growing trees are always in demand, and Autumn Blaze® Maple is one of the fastest and most popular trees around.. Its leaves are the classic lobed maple shape and are bright green with a hint of scarlet in the spring and summer, turning to a brilliant red early in the fall. Allow plenty of room for a specimen Autumn Blaze Maple. The lifespan is affected by the environment. The lifespan of the Japanese maple is diminished if forced to live in the extreme cold of zone 3 or the high heat and humidity of zone 9. You'll be rewarded with a spectacular show once cooler weather comes around. The Autumn Blaze Maple is a cross between red and silver maples that’s a stronger, more color-consistent tree that’s taken the US by storm since its introduction in the early 1980s. FORM: Oval FOLIAGE: The traditional vibrant green maple shaped leaves turn lipstick red in the autumn.It is one of the first trees to colour and lose it’s leaves in Autumn. Why Autumn Blaze ® Red Maple Trees?. If you have black gumbo soil, you have basic soil. Residential & Commercial Services. Full sun. Autumn Blaze Maple Tree Care. It also holds its color longer than other selections! When it is established, Autumn Blaze maple trees are drought tolerant. Produces flame-colored fall foliage that persists late into the season; Works well in backyards and boulevards alike. ‘Jeffersred’, sold under the trade name of AUTUMN BLAZE, is an older cultivar that was discovered by … Autumn Blaze Maples in Rockford, IL Did we mention that these Autumn Blaze Maple trees are low maintenance and require little attention (after they've been established)? Imagine eye-catching, reliable red fall color that's second to none - with our Autumn Blaze ® Red Maple, you'll get amazing hues and more. The branching pattern is dense and ascending, and they sport a rounded to oval crown. We went to the local nusery and bought a Autumn Blaze maple. While you must keep the soil around the roots moist while they're still young, as they mature they'll only require watering if they're long period without rainfall. The tree appears to be growing health except for the cracking in the bark in 2-3 places. Planting Location. As a combination of the silver and red maples, the Autumn Blaze Maple adapts to a variety of climates and soils, is fast-growing, and presents magnificent fall colors. The delicate foliage holds its color for several weeks before shedding to the ground. Maple trees produce blaze of autumn color. No 4864) is a hybrid of red (A. rubrum) and silver (A. saccharinum) maple that combines the best features of both: it has the vigor and adaptability of the silver maple along with the beauty and strength of the red maple. This vivid color, as well as its rapid growth rate, is … Its dense, oval to rounded canopy of deeply cut, bright green leaves, turns brilliant orange-scarlet to crimson-red in fall. Maturity comes quickly. Growing 2’-3’ each year, it will ascend to a height of 50’ with a 30’ wide canopy. Also known as Acer freemanii Jeffersred or Freeman Maple, it is a natural hybrid that has the autumn beauty of Acer rubrum and toughness of Acer saccharinum. Autumn Blaze Maple (Click Here to view enlarged image) Autumn Blaze Maple. Botanical Name Acer x freemanii (Jeffersred) Common Name Prescott Blaze Maple, Autumn Blaze tree. Specific epithet and common name honors Oliver Freeman who first grew A. This maple's 5-inch leaves turn starting from the top of the tree. Caring for Autumn Blaze maples isn't hard. After that, provide water during the first growing season. One crack (pictured) is very deep and has been that way for some time though it appears to be working to heal over. Well drained soil with ample moisture. Caring for Autumn Blaze Maples Once you plant your maple, water it extensively to settle the roots.

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