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The passion is just too great for him ya know? On multiple occasions, Dr. Chun belittles his patients and their guardians, showing contempt towards others. Hospital Playlist sejak awal penayangannya pada 12 Maret 2020 hingga berakhir pada 28 Mei 2020 untuk season pertamanya selalu menjadi perbincangan penggemar Kdrama. A question - what is that container of candy/snacks thathey keep showing? Ia digambarkan sebagai sosok dokter yang cerdas dan berhati lembut. You have a point. FB.init({ "The father of the patient who needed a liver transplant is Maximus guardian". I wonder how chaotic everything will be this week. Haha.. me too. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. I'll be sad when it ends. If he hadn't refused the 'dinner' date, which he supposedly had done with other doctors/nurses, I would think otherwise. This drama is probably going to be the highlight of this f'd up year. AnJeong Joon seduced Joon Wan with an all expensed paid trip to Hawaii while Song Hwa was promised to be the lead vocal for the band. I think that Jung wan is better off as a doctor. I was like you are doctor sir. I was so hoping the mystery guy was Min ah's blind date set up but seeing how casually he talked to her and how uncomfortable she looked with JW listening to that convo and then IJ's bringing him up as her BF, I guess we are not there yet! The different stages of Ik-soon at the end was hilarious because it so perfectly captured the sibling relationship. Down in the ER, Song-hwa checks a patient’s scans and orders Seok-min to shave the patient for the operation. (function(d, s, id) { They report the mistake to Song-hwa, and though Seok-min tries to come up with a plausible excuse, Song-hwa tells him to be quiet. Kisah kelima dokter yang bersahabat ini diketahui akan berlanjut, Hospital Playlist season 2 yang bakal tayang di tahun 2021. This is like a dream comes true, I love this show so so much. Ik-jun and Ik-soon's scene resonated a lot and made me miss my brother. Plus, as someone who has been following YYS for years now (), I have yet to see him give his trademark soft, thoughtful gaze and bashful smile whenever his character likes someone in this drama. Nggak heran kalau ada banyak orang yang menaruh hormat dan suka padanya. Yes, everyone has to deal with their respective problematic patient, but their personal problems took a backseat for once. I hope we get insight into why Jung Won wants to be a Priest. Yes, his family has a strong Catholic tradition, but why is it so personal to him? Her acting was always surprising. It is 12 ? Login. As they get on the elevator, she invites Ik-joon to lunch with the others, but he has the next “shift” (aka, keeping Seok-hyung’s mom company). (SPOILER ON THIS ONE) Ik Jun and Song Hwa ending on a cliffhanger because I knew one episode was not enough to bring them together. What I love the most about her is that she uses her crush as an inspiration to improve herself. For example, it’s shocking that someone who has never touched a bass can play ‘Canon,’ but as soon as she did the difficult ‘Met You by Chance,’ I thought, ‘You really are a model student.’ However, that alone doesn’t cover it. As she watches him speak, she realizes her mistake. First failing to account for alternate arrangements for the med student's return home and then wrongly intercepting and returning IJ's enthusiastic wave meant for Jae-Haek. Ik-joon tells him that the regulations don’t allow the father to donate, and in all honesty, Ik-joon didn’t have much hope, either. The way they still act like kids around each other will never get old. of the shipping) I think that this drama is treading towards her growth as a doctor and a person. The most interesting of the relationships is the one between Ik-jun and Song-hwa. The patient is now able to speak, and the parents are thankful for Song-hwa’s help. Meanwhile, Jung-won withdraws some money from the atm, and Ik-joon appears behind him to ask for 10,000 won (roughly $8). Early in the morning, Gyu-wool leads the intern to an operating room and describes Ik-joon as chaotic but skilled. ... Hospital Playlist - chae song hwa (jeun mi-do) Sticker Tags: Hospital Playlist, Jeon Mi-do, Jo Jung-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-myung, Kim Gab-soo, Kim Hae-sook, Yoo Yeon-seok, Your email address will not be published. Love this show to pieces This series showed that he does have the chops so maybe his past material I can review with a different light. As for Dr. Chun, he smiles at his girlfriend walking towards him, but his face falls when he recognizes the woman behind her as the guardian he was rude to earlier. Seorang bawahannya, Ahn Chi Hong merupakan orang yang menyukai Song Hwa. The chairman is currently debating on whether or not he should intervene, and Ik-joon asks Joon-wan if Dr. Chun is really as bad as they say he is. In addition he may also feel like he is betraying God in some way if he chooses to fully realize his feelings, which is its own battle.

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